Roundup 14 to 20 April

ETA to announce its dissolution, asks for “forgiveness”, demands “democratic solution” to Basque conflict

WEEKLY ROUNDUP. The revelation that ETA will announce its dissolution in May —a landmark event— leads this week’s roundup, which also refers to protests taking place in Khuzestan against discrimination and repression by the Iranian authorities. Besides, we are also referring to the upholding of the legality of the Law 99 on the exercise of the right to self-determination of the Quebecois people. Keep reading

L'anagrama d'ETA en una paret d'Altsasu (2008).
Roundup 30 March to 5 April

Gaza protests in Great March of Return to go on / PM Orbán’s party set to win Hungarian election / Germany rejects rebellion charges against Puigdemont

WEEKLY ROUNDUP. Protests for the right of return of Palestinian refugees will go on in Gaza until 15 May despite the killing of 20 people in the hands of the Israeli army since last Friday. In Hungary, prime minister Viktor Orbán’s conservative nationalist Fidesz is clearly leading opinion polls for this weekend’s parliamentary election in the Central European country. Catalan president Carles Puigdemont was freed on bail after a German court did not see grounds to believe he was guilty of a crime of rebellion, over which Spain is asking his extradition. And in Asturias, a new step in the recognition of the Asturian language has been taken, as the place name ‘Uviéu’ has been given official status in the country’s capital Oviedo. Keep reading

El primer ministre hongarès, Viktor Orbán.
News 4.4.2018 a les 11:00h

More than 1 million signatures for the protection of Europe’s minoritised languages

European citizen initiative Minority Safepack, which seeks to move European institutions to pass new pieces of legislation protecting minoritised languages in the EU, has achieved its goal to reach more than 1 million signatures. This fact will force the European Commission to take into consideration the petition, to meet with its promoters, and to give an answer on what it intends to do with the citizens’ proposal. Keep reading

El president de la UDMR, Hunor Kelemen, anuncia l'èxit de la iniciativa.
Roundup 16 to 23 March

Pre-trial detention for another five Catalan pro-independence leaders / New Caledonia referendum set for 4 November

WEEKLY ROUNDUP. Spain’s Supreme Court has decreed pre-trial detention for Jordi Turull, candidate for the presidency of the Catalan government, and another four pro-independence leaders. With them, Catalan political prisoners are now nine within the general cause against the pro-independence movement. To remain in jail too is Ahed Tamimi, the Palestinian activist who slapped an Israeli soldier in the face. Tamimi has received an eight-month sentence. Meanwhile, the Congress of New Caledonia has set the date of 4 November to hold its referendum on independence from France. Keep reading

Rull i Turull, abans de declarar davant Llarena.
Roundup 9 to 15 March

Corsica’s road towards constitutional recognition / Somaliland’s progress in foreign policy

WEEKLY ROUNDUP. The pro-autonomy government of Corsica continues to press the French executive to grant some level of devolution to the island, seizing the opportunity of the upcoming recognition of Corsica in the Constitution, planned for 2018. Meanwhile, de facto independent Somaliland has been inking a deal with both the UAE and Ethiopia despite opposition from Somalia. In our weekly selection of stories, an article on Indigenous and Afro-descendant seats in the new Colombian Parliament and another one on pro-independence graffittis having appeared in the Chinese city of Canton can also be found. Keep reading

 Talamoni (esquerra) i Simeoni (dreta), en una imatge d'arxiu.
News 13.3.2018 a les 09:45h

The Kashmiri people versus the Indian state

Decades of repression by the Indian army against the Kashmiri people have left a legacy of death, violence, violation of human rights and denial of the right to self-determination of Kashmir, one of the most militarized areas on the planet. Three journalists from the Indian subcontinent critically review India's policies in the region in this Global Voices in-depth report. Keep reading

Srinagar, el 2010.
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