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Rojava, a mosaic of peoples and religions under Turkey’s threat

More than 300,000 displaced. Cities, towns and infrastructure destroyed. Allegations on the use of white phosphorus. More than 400 killed, thousands injured. The establishment of a safe area by Turkey in the north of Syria and Rojava (Syrian Kurdistan) has an immense cost. Attacks do not make a distinction between civilian and military targets, between Kurds and Arabs, between Muslims and Christians. The Turkish army attacks and kills people. Keep reading

Un grup de dones protesten a Qamislo contra l'operació turca.
News 27.11.2019 a les 11:45h

Between Brexit and independence: the Home Countries and the UK election

Brexit and its consequences sit at the centre of the UK election campaign, as citizens are being called to vote on 12 December to all 650 seats in the House of Commons, the lower house of the UK Parliament. The expected victory of the Conservative Party makes an orderly exit of the UK from the EU more likely, but at the same time it may increase calls for greater autonomy and independence in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Keep reading

La primera ministra d'Escòcia, Nicola Sturgeon, amb una pancarta independentista.
News 21.11.2019 a les 09:30h

The Northeast, India’s volatile periphery

Surrounded by five countries and connected to the rest of India by a tiny corridor between Bhutan and Bangladesh, the Northeast symbolizes the distant and forgotten periphery of New Delhi. Known as the “seven sisters,” the region is an amalgam of tribal communities, castes and identity-based political antagonists. From the plains of Assam, Tripura and Manipur, to the mountains of Nagaland, Mizoram, Meghalaya and Arunachal Pradesh, the history of the Northeast is insurgency and response to the narrative of “one nation” by an Indian centre that portrays it as a homogeneous territory. Keep reading

News 15.11.2019 a les 12:45h

Bougainville heads for self-determination vote, but independence might take long time —if it comes at all

Bougainville, an insular autonomous territory of Papua New Guinea (PNG), is holding a referendum on its independence starting from 23 November. The vote was agreed in 2001 by the PNG government and Bougainville representatives to put an end to a deadly conflict that ended in 1998. Although analysts believe that most Bougainvilleans will choose secession, it is far from clear whether PNG will ultimately grant independence to the territory, as the outcome must be negotiated. Keep reading

Votants comproven la seva inscripció a les llistes electorals del referèndum.
News 11.11.2019 a les 14:15h

Spanish general election: Catalan, Basque, Galician parties make gains

The Spanish general election held November 10 has left a record for history, as never before had so many sub-state parties —12— won seats in the Congress of Deputies, the lower chamber of the Spanish parliament. Of these, the two largest are Catalan pro-independence parties. But the figure is paradoxically reached in the same election where the Spanish far right, for the first time since the end of Franco’s regime, wins more than 50 seats. Keep reading

Laura Borràs parla a la compareixença de Junts per Catalunya durant el recompte.
News 22.10.2019 a les 13:00h

Quebec sovereignty camp gets confidence boost

After several electoral defeats that seemed poised to continue in 2019, the Quebec sovereignty camp has suddenly regained some confidence after the Bloc Québécois achieved its best electoral performance since 2008 in the federal election held yesterday 21 October in Canada. Having secured 32 seats, the pro-sovereignty party will have more influence in the Ottawa Parliament, as no party achieved an absolute majority. Independence, however, is still a long way off. Keep reading

El líder del Bloc, Yves-François Blanchet, celebra l'èxit electoral.
Dossier 21.10.2019 a les 13:15h

From the adversity to the pride of being an Amazigh woman

The pride of being a woman and an Amazigh. This combination has given a different impulse to the recent history of social mobilizations in Morocco, where the combative nature of Amazigh women has stood out, the women who are the bearers of a thousand-year-old struggle and survival capacity of the Amazigh ... Keep reading

Un grup de dones en una formació de l'associació La Veu de la Dona Amaziga sostenen una bandera amaziga.
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