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Alarm sounds for Indigenous communities, uncontacted tribes where coronavirus could “wreck havoc”

Indigenous communities —sometimes in remote settings— having more limited access to healthcare services, as well as semi- or uncontacted peoples, are among the vulnerable groups in the face of the progress of the coronavirus pandemic. Experts and organizations say the consequences of coronavirus expansion in these populations could be fatal. In this article, we look at the example of Australian Aboriginal peoples, and talk to Survival International for the specific case of uncontacted tribes. Keep reading

Infants aborígens es renten les mans a Borroloola, al Territori del Nord.
Dossier 28.2.2020 a les 09:45h

Blossoming life amid frozen conflict: Karabakh women

The Soviet Union left several territorial disputes after its fall. Nagorno-Karabakh or as locals call it Artsakh is one of them. During the rule of the USSR, borders were drawn between the countries, and Armenian-majority Nagorno-Karabakh Autonomous Oblast (NKAO) was established within Soviet Azerbaijan. ... Keep reading

Vera Grigoryan mostra els retrats de combatents desapareguts.
News 12.3.2020 a les 09:00h

North Macedonia’s quest for its own national identity

Who are the Macedonians, the inhabitants of North Macedonia? Bulgarians will say that they are a division of their community, an artificial creation of late Yugoslav leader Tito. Most Macedonians, however, will point to an earlier identity division in the last decades of the 19th century, born in the geographical region of Macedonia. Some will go further, to differences in tribes that reach the periods of Cyril and Methodius —the creators of the Slavic alphabet— or Alexander the Great. A few, the most exaggerated, will claim that all Europeans are actually Slavs. In North Macedonia, after so much forcing reality, after so much looking for references for political odysseys, its inhabitants do not know what they are, or at least they lack a unified discourse about the genesis of their identity. Keep reading

Al basar de Skopje, una parada ven banderes macedònies i albaneses.
News 10.2.2020 a les 11:15h

Sinn Féin makes history as it becomes largest party in Republic of Ireland’s election

Sinn Féin emerged for the first time in history the largest party in a general election in the Republic of Ireland, overtaking the two centre-right parties (Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael) that have dominated Irish politics since independence. The republican party has won the vote under a left-wing manifesto that proposes to begin a gradual process towards “securing” a referendum on Irish unity. Keep reading

Mary Lou McDonald (esquerra), presidenta del Sinn Féin, amb Michelle O'Neill (dreta), vicepresidenta del partit i viceprimera ministra d'Irlanda del Nord.
Opinion and analysis 29.1.2020 a les 08:30h

The English Brexit and the future of the union

At least during the past five years, the political conversation in Britain has been remarkably monopolized by the debate on Brexit. In 2016, the UK decided to leave the European Union by a narrow margin (51,89%). Moreover, the recent Westminster election has given a landslide majority to a conservative government that has promised to implement this decision by the end of January 2020. Together with some other relevant issues such as the economy or the policy on migration, the Brexit debate has revolved around the state of the union as well. The question posed by many commentators has been whether or not the UK will preserve its territorial integrity after leaving the EU, since Scotland and Northern Ireland voted to remain. Keep reading

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