News 20.1.2020 a les 12:45h

Indigenous movement in Brazil to stand up to Bolsonaro’s “project of genocide”

Some 600 Indigenous leaders representing 45 peoples are denouncing in a manifesto that “a political project of the Brazilian government of genocide, ethnocide and ecocide is underway,” and are announcing ample mobilizations throughout 2020 to oppose the policy of President Jair Bolsonaro. Among these, they want to re-launch the Forest Peoples’ Alliance, a coalition of organizations that is heir, among others, to the struggles of legendary trade union leader Chico Mendes, who was assassinated in 1988. Keep reading

Diversos dirigents indígenes, a la Trobada de Pobles Mebengokrê.
Opinion and analysis 14.1.2020 a les 09:00h

Tehran-Washington tensions: Kurdish neutrality?

Tensions between Washington and Tehran are going through a period of turbulence. Analysts have been talking for some time about the possibility of a direct war between Iran and the United States; in fact, one could say that this war has already begun. This is a calculated and prepared confrontation, ... Keep reading

News 19.12.2019 a les 12:15h

“We no longer want to be second-class citizens. We do not beg for rights, but demand them”: the Roma struggle in Romania

“When you act like a slave, you are treated like a slave; when you act like a citizen, you are treated like a citizen.” Gelu Duminică opens the window and asks: “Do you mind if I light a cigarette?”. In Romania smoking is forbidden in offices, but Duminică does not seem to care. He takes a lavender-scented vaporizer and also lights it. He fills the glass with marshmallow infusion. and offers. “You know what? My mother was illiterate and my family was deported during Nazism.” Keep reading

Com en d’altres països europeus, a Romania la població gitana continua invisibilitzada i estigmatitzada.
News 13.12.2019 a les 12:00h

Sturgeon ready to ask permission for second referendum after SNP wins 80% of Scotland’s seats

The electoral map of the United Kingdom has shown once more the differences between the four Home Nations after the vote held yesterday, 12 December. While in England the Conservative Party has achieved a comfortable majority, in Scotland the SNP has won a new and ample victory while in Wales left-wing parties have captured almost the double of seats that the conservatives have. In Northern Ireland, Irish nationalists have outnumbered the Democratic Unionist Party. Keep reading

Nicola Sturgeon.
News 11.12.2019 a les 13:30h

“Yes” to independence wins Bougainville referendum with 98% of votes

Nearly 98% of valid votes in Bougainville’s self-determination referendum have been in favour of independence from Papua New Guinea. Turnout has stood at 87.5 per cent of those registered to vote. The referendum was not binding, but the clarity of the result adds pressure on the PNG government to negotiate anything other than independence. Keep reading

Un moment de la votació del referèndum.
Dossier 21.10.2019 a les 13:15h

From the adversity to the pride of being an Amazigh woman

The pride of being a woman and an Amazigh. This combination has given a different impulse to the recent history of social mobilizations in Morocco, where the combative nature of Amazigh women has stood out, the women who are the bearers of a thousand-year-old struggle and survival capacity of the Amazigh ... Keep reading

Un grup de dones en una formació de l'associació La Veu de la Dona Amaziga sostenen una bandera amaziga.
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