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“Never again” turns 30 in Rwanda

Rwanda, the small Pays des Mille Collines in the heart of the Great Lakes region of Africa, with a little over 26,000 km2 and some 14 million inhabitants, marks 30 years since its 1994 genocide. That event marked recent African and world history and became one of the most important failures of the international community in terms of the responsibility to guarantee international peace and security, to which the II World War victorious powers pledged themselves. Keep reading

Fotografies de víctimes del genocidi. Memorial del Genocidi, a Kigali (Ruanda).
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An optimistic humanist who committed himself to the cause of the peoples

Nationalia founder and first director, Aureli Argemí, passed away April 1 after completing an unmatched career in the defense of stateless peoples’ rights and, very particularly, in disseminating their knowledge. Periodicals and news sites were among Argemí’s favorite tools to make the existence of these peoples better known, the languages they speak, and the struggles they sustain for their collective rights. Keep reading

Aureli Argemí.
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Turkey’s local elections marked by uncertainty over Kurdish political future

Turkey holds local elections on 31 March amid uncertainty over the Kurdish dossier’s immediate future. If the main pro-Kurdish party, the People’s Equality and Democracy Party (DEM), wins the mayorships in the main cities of Northern Kurdistan, it remains to be seen whether the Turkish government will allow it to govern or, as has been the case for the past 8 years, will impose hand-picked trustees. In the background, the big question is whether there will be steps—and what kind—towards political negotiations between Turkey and the Kurdish movement. Keep reading

La colíder del DEM, Tülay Hatimoğulları, es fotografia amb seguidores del DEM en un míting electoral a Bingöl.
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Crimea: 10 years of Russian annexation bring on new phase of Tatar question

It has been exactly 10 years since the Russian Federation annexed Crimea. Russian control over the Black Sea peninsula has played, and continues to play, a significant geopolitical role in the war between the Ukrainian and Russian armies, which has already killed hundreds of thousands. In the midst of the conflict, Crimean Tatars are again victimized by Russian power. We review the question in detail. Keep reading

Una protesta contra l'ocupació russa de Crimea, amb banderes del poble tàtar.
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Corsica’s path to autonomy completes new stage with French government deal

The agreement between the French government and Corsican elected representatives on the inclusion of Corsican autonomy in the French Constitution brings the goal of a political power of its own on the Mediterranean island a little closer. But, how does this power look like? What stages are still to be completed, and could the process still be derailed? Let’s look. Keep reading

ca= Gilles Simeoni.
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Awal, the popular project that wants to make the internet speak Amazigh

Catalonia is home to several minoritised languages. As is well known, there are two non-hegemonic languages traditionally spoken in the country—Catalan and Occitan. Recent migrations have brought in groups of minoritised language speakers. The largest of these is Amazigh, a language spoken in North Africa, where it has at least 20 million speakers, although it is in decline. In Catalonia, there are more than 100,000 Amazigh speakers. Their perseverance generates materials for learning and using the language. The latest example is the Awal project. Keep reading

Un instant de la Marató Lingüística Awal, a la seu del CIEMEN a Barcelona.
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