News 8.4.2021 a les 17:30h

France passes “historic” law to allow minoritised language immersion in public schools

The French National Assembly has passed a bill that opens the door to implement language immersion through the medium of minoritised languages in public schools, as well as to allow for better funding of immersive, community-run private schools. The approval has been described as “historic” by several organisations working in favour of those languages, such as Breton, Catalan, Occitan, Basque or Corsican. Keep reading

El moment de l'aprovació de la llei a l'Assemblea.
News 26.3.2021 a les 10:45h

Israel’s election result gives rise to string of speculation about pacts —including with Islamists

The fourth election in two years in Israel has again left a fragmented parliamentary arc with no solid majority for either bloc. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud has again secured the Knesset’s main parliamentary group (30 seats out of 120 with almost all votes counted) but, combining with its usual partners, the party does not reach the 61 seats needed to form a government. Keep reading

El primer ministre Israelià, Benjamin Netanyahu, en campanya.
News 17.3.2021 a les 18:30h

Turkey’s chief prosecutor files lawsuit to ban pro-Kurdish HDP party

Chief Prosecutor of Turkey’s Court of Cassation Bekir Şahin has launched a legal proceeding that could lead to the outlawing of the pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP). In the lawsuit submitted to the Constitutional Court, Şahin blames the HDP for undermining the indivisibility of the Turkish state and for maintaining links with the PKK, according to reports published by Anadolu Agency. Keep reading

Bandera de l'HDP.
News 11.3.2021 a les 11:30h

Appetite grows for Welsh independence amid pandemic, Brexit

The survival of the United Kingdom is more contested than ever. As Scotland moves towards a second referendum and Irish reunification becomes a real possibility, pro-independence demands are rising in Wales to unprecedented levels. Historically the demand of a minority —some 10% of the population—, it has now boomed, with 1 in 3 Welsh citizens supporting it, along with an unprecedented popular mobilisation. This is how we have come to this point. Keep reading

Primera gran manifestació independentista a Cardiff, 2019.
News 16.2.2021 a les 17:45h

In Turkey, pro-Kurdish HDP faces again mass arrests, threats of outlawing

718 people, including prominent members of Turkey’s main pro-Kurdish party HDP, have been arrested a day after the Turkish government announced that 13 Turkish nationals had been executed by the PKK in an operation in South Kurdistan (Iraq). The wave of arrests takes place as Turkish far-right party MHP, the main parliamentary ally of Erdogan’s AKP, insists on outlawing the HDP. Keep reading

Bandera de l'HDP.
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