Dossier 21.7.2020 a les 09:00h

Sahrawi women are a pillar of resistance against Moroccan occupation

The Western Sahara conflict has yet to be definitively resolved. It now belongs to the category of the so-called “forgotten,” or “frozen” conflicts. The conflict itself is not the only issue to have been forgotten despite the unlawful Moroccan occupation: the United Nations resolutions, the Sahrawi ... Keep reading

Manifestació de dones a l'Al-Aaiun ocupat, demanant el dret a la independència.
News 5.6.2020 a les 10:15h

Occitan festival of “linguistic biodiversity” broadcasts languages, literatures online

Exceptionality caused by the coronavirus health crisis has pushed the Ostana Prize —a reference for minority languages and literatures— to hold its 2020 edition in an unusual way. The festival, which traditionally takes place in the Occitan village of Ostana (Valadas Occitanas, Piedmont), is this year being held online. On 5 and 6 June, the Ostana Prize is broadcasting more than 20 activities, including live interviews, conferences, literary readings, and documentaries, for a total 15 hours. Keep reading

 Alguns dels esdeveniments programats.
News 12.5.2020 a les 12:45h

Pro-autonomy, pro-democracy demonstrations resume in Hong Kong

More than 200 people, including minors, were arrested during the latest demonstration demanding respect for Hong Kong autonomy and the enhancement of the democratic system there. The protests are regaining momentum in May after a forced halt due to restrictions imposed by the fight against coronavirus. Meanwhile, the governments of Hong Kong and China are announcing a firm hand to handle with the issue. Keep reading

Intervenció de la policia durant les protestes.
News 29.4.2020 a les 09:45h

In time of coronavirus, Turkish state does not relax repression against Kurdish movement

Not even under the coronavirus the repression that Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s administration is carrying out against the Kurdish political and social movement stops. To the dismissal in recent weeks of eight mayors of main Kurdish party HDP, a controversial law to alleviate prison pressure in the face of the advance of the virus that will keep opposition journalists and politicians in prison, and a growing hindrance to the struggle of the social movements, must be now added. Keep reading

Representants de l'HDP protesten per la forma d'aplicar-se la nova llei.
News 8.4.2020 a les 10:15h

Assyrian presence in Syria’s Khabour on the verge of vanishing 5 years after ISIS’s aggression

They arrived there as refugees from a genocide almost one century ago, and they are about to disappear now from there, again in a violent way. The Assyrian community in the Khabour Valley, in Kurdish-controlled Rojava in northern Syria, is currently unable to recover from the forced flight of most of its members in 2015, when ISIS occupied their territory. A new report warns of the destruction of its tangible and intangible heritage, and says it will be difficult to rebuild the community if conditions are not created for people to be able to return. Keep reading

L'església de Mar Gewargis al poble de Tel Baz, al Khabur, abans i després de la destrucció.
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