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Quebec Inuit seek to achieve autonomy through “self-determination process”

Quebec announced in December 2020 an agreement to demarcate 20% of its northern territory —home to the Inuit people— to protect it from industrial exploitation. But Quebec’s main Inuit organisation, the Makivik Corporation, is saying now is not the time to talk about that, as the priority lies in an ongoing “self-determination process” that should lead to the creation of an autonomous government in Nunavik. Keep reading

Kuujjuaq, la capital del Nunavik.
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Our 10 most read articles of 2020

Three articles on Nagorno-Karabakh are among the 10 most read in Nationalia among those published in 2020. New articles on linguistic diversity have been the other major focus of interest among our readers, along with some background analysis on countries that are not usually make headlines. Thank you all for reading, and we hope that next year will be better than the one we are closing. Keep reading

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Bolivia’s indigenous women walk unrelenting path of rebel dignity

“The predatory capitalist system is putting at risk the lives not only of our communities, but of the entire planet. In the face of this, it is important to take into account that women are the caretakers of life, and this puts us in the front line in the struggle for the defence of collective rights.” ... Keep reading

Dones líders comunitàries del nord de Potosí (Bolívia).
News 3.12.2020 a les 10:15h

Where the dust never settles

It was a night drive across a road littered with burnt-out cars. Drivers on both directions steered around potholes left by bombing or cattle blocking the way, but all had their lights turned off. Keep reading

Residents de Stepanakert en un soterrani, durant el setge de la capital de l’Alt Karabakh
Opinion and analysis 1.12.2020 a les 07:15h

Failure of diplomacy condemned Western Sahara to war

Western Sahara’s war has been active for 45 years, although there has been a relative calm since the cessation of hostilities signed in 1991. However, since Morocco broke the ceasefire on 13 November in Guerguerat, on the border between Mauritania and Western Sahara, the echo of the bombs sounds again in the desert. Keep reading

Camp de refugiats d'Al-Aaiun, a Algèria.
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