Roundup 16 to 22 September

Demands for official status for Asturian / Hamas’ offer for Palestinian reunification

WEEKLY ROUNDUP. Besides the Catalan and Kurdish referendums —which we are dealing with in other articles— this week’s roundup looks to the pro-Asturian language movement, which is unveiling a campaign aimed at bringing the debate on the language’s official status to the Asturian Parliament. Another language-related issue, the conflict between Ukraine and several neighbouring states in relation to the new Education Act of Ukraine. A renewed pushed for Palestinian reunification is another of the topics included in the roundup. Keep reading

Manifestació per l'oficialitat de la llengua asturiana.
News 20.9.2017 a les 11:15h

Thousands in streets after Spanish military police arrests top officials over independence referendum

Thousands of people are pouring in the streets of Barcelona and other Catalan cities and towns after the Guardia Civil —Spain's military police— has arrested 10 to 12 top officials of the Catalan government over preparations for an independence referendum, 1 October. The Spanish government holds that the vote is illegal and has vowed to stop it by all means. Keep reading

Gent protestant la detenció dels alts càrrecs del govern català. A l'esquerra, un manifestant ha hissat una bandera d'Estònia
Roundup 9 to 15 September

Russian military presence in the Arctic / Violent clashes in Biafra / Asturianist homage to 1936 militias

WEEKLY ROUNDUP. A report from a UK think tank is warning NATO member states on the ever growing influence of the Russian Federation in the Arctic region. Meanwhile in Biafra, 50 years after a bloody independence war, clashes between the Nigerian military and Igbo activists are again taking place. Asturias’ left-wing movement is ready to honour anti-fascist militias that lost the El Mazucu battle, having been “abandoned” both by Spaniards and Basques. Keep reading

News 1.8.2017 a les 12:30h

Peoples of Syria and Somalia most vulnerable ones in the world

The peoples of Syria and Somalia are, by far, the most threatened ones in the world, according to the newest edition of the Peoples Under Threat index, which is released on an annual basis by the Minority Rights Group (MRG). Iraq, Sudan, Afghanistan, South Sudan, DR Congo, Yemen, Pakistan and Burma complete the list’s 10 top places as regards vulnerability of peoples to collectively endure attacks, massacres and genocides. Keep reading

Edifici destruït a Mogadishu, capital de Somàlia.
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