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As earth trembles again, Fryslân and Groningen protest against gas extraction

Alarms sounded yet once more in the north of the Netherlands earlier this year when earth trembled on 8 January at Zeerijp, in the province of Groningen. The magnitude of the earthquake was 3.4 on the Richter scale, the strongest one since in 2012 another one hit Huizinge, in the same province. It is now an established fact that ever growing earthquakes and land subsidence in an area that also includes neighbouring Fryslân are linked to gas and salt extraction that has been going on in the area for decades now. Parties and organizations of the two provinces are staging a protest on 24 February against gas sourcing and salt mining and to seek compensations. Keep reading

Pou de Wilderwank, al jaciment de Groningen.
Roundup 9 to 15 February

Hunger strike for Welsh television / Preparations for New Caledonia referendum progress

 WEEKLY ROUNDUP. A campaign demanding the devolution of broadcasting powers to Wales is stepping up this week as a young activist is planning to start a week-long hunger strike. Another protest is taking place between Luxembourg and Strasbourg as internationalists are staging a march in solidarity with Kurdistan. Meanwhile in Paris, agreements and preparations for the referendum on self-determination of New Caledonia are progressing. Keep reading

Elfed Wyn Jones (esquerra) i una captura del web del canal gal·lès S4C.
Roundup 2 to 8 February

Scotland seeks immigration powers / Breton president thinks about “right to differentiation”

WEEKLY ROUNDUP. Macron’s speech in Corsica this week has sparked reaction among other stateless peoples. In Brittany, the president of the Regional Council has taken the opportunity to demand the “right to differentiation”. Also in the line of implementing policies adapted to the circumstances of each territory, the Scottish government is considering a discussion paper which sets devolution of immigration powers as a goal. And in Northern Cyprus, a four-party deal has allowed a supporter of reunification to become the new leader of the Turkish Cypriot government. Keep reading

El govern escocès diu que li amoïna la sostenibilitat dels serveis socials a les zones rurals si la immigració és tallada.
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Corsican Statute of Autonomy as demanded by island’s institutions ruled out by Macron

French president Emmanuel Macron has ruled out in all but name a Corsican Statute of Autonomy with law-making powers, and has rejected co-official status for the Corsican language. The decision is a blow to demands by the Corsican government and Assembly, which are controlled by the Pè a Corsica alliance that, in December, won the Corsican election with an absolute majority of votes and seats under a pro-autonomy manifesto. “If the Corsicans’ specificity is to be an enemy of the Republic, it is a mistake, and I can not accept it,” Macron has said. The president has in return offered to negotiate and include a specific recognition of Corsica in the French Constitution. Still, Macron announced he is ready to do so via an article that the island’s institutions had already rejected. Keep reading

Emmanuel Macron, en una imatge d'arxiu.
Roundup 26 January to 1 February

New alliance of Galician pro-sovereignty groups being born / Further restrictions in Hong Kong in defending right to self-determination

WEEKLY ROUNDUP. Organizing the Galician society around the right to self-determination is the goal of newly formed Vía Galega grassroots alliance, which is set to be formally launched on March 3, driven by seven Galician foundations and a handful of local groups and unions. The right to self-determination, by the way, is yet once more at the centre of the latest row in Hong Kong: a pro-democracy candidate has just been barred from running for election as her party wants Hong Kongers to decide which relationship they want to have with China. Meanwhile, Catalan political prisoners Junqueras, Cuixart and Sànchez are taking their case before the United Nations. Keep reading

Reunió fundacional de Vía Galega a la CIG.
Roundup 19 to 25 January

At least 120 killed in Turkey’s invasion of Efrîn / Tobago’s road towards internal self-government

WEEKLY ROUNDUP. Turkey’s invasion of the Kurdish region of Efrîn has killed at least 120 in one week, according to the data from an independent monitor. Turkish forces have penetrated Kurdish territory through several border points. Also in the Middle East, a UAE-backed pro-independence movement in South Yemen says that it has begun a procedure to overthrow the Yemeni government. In the Americas, the process towards internal self-government for the island of Tobago is moving forward. Chinese authorities say they will build a “Great Wall” along 5,700 kilometers of border in East Turkestan. Keep reading

Manifestació a Efrîn contra l'operació turca, el 19 de gener.
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