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What is Karakalpakstan and what is going on there?

Protests in the republic of Karakalpakstan have taken most Central Asia analysts by surprise. 18 fatalities and more than 1,000 injured have been reported after days of clashes between protesters and security forces in that territory in north-western Uzbekistan. At the centre of the unrest lies the Uzbek authorities’ proposal to eliminate Karakalpakstan’s constitutional right to secede. Keep reading

Manifestants a Nukus l'1 de juliol de 2022 amb banderes del Karakalpakistan.
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Supreme Court comes into picture of second Scottish independence referendum

The Scottish government set 19 October 2023 as the date for the second Scottish independence referendum, 9 years after the first one was held. The referendum bill was announced yesterday by Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, who explained in Parliament that she will be seeking “legal clarity” on whether the vote —which on four occasions she described as “consultative”— can be held without the UK government’s agreement. Keep reading

Nicola Sturgeon.
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Landmark march in Belfast in support of Irish speakers’ rights

Thousands of protesters —17,000, according to organisers— demanded on Saturday 21 May in Belfast the passing of legislative measures in favour of the rights of Irish speakers in Northern Ireland. It is one of the largest demonstrations in history for Irish, which, unlike Welsh or Scottish Gaelic, does not have an act of its own seeking to promote it. Keep reading

Imatge de la manifestació a Belfast.
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Sri Lanka’s Tamils under watchful eye of two Asian powers

The victors’ peace continues to reign in Sri Lanka. 13 years after the end of a bloody and largely ignored civil war, no one knows for sure how many lives the conflict claimed. According to the United Nations, some 40,000 civilians and 15,000 combatants were killed, far fewer than the figure of 65,000 enquiries on missing persons received so far by the island’s foreign ministry, or the 147,000 victims reported by a prominent Tamil Catholic bishop. Far from the process of national reconciliation that successive governments successfully sold to the country’s Sinhala majority, the Tamil minority still awaits a resolution to a political conflict that originated in 1948, but whose aftermath is still being experienced. Keep reading

Els presidents xinès, Xi Xinping, i de Sri Lanka, Mahinda Rajapaksa (avui primer ministre), el 2014
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