Roundup 6 to 12 October

Palestinian reunification deal / Indigenous resistance marches across Americas

WEEKLY ROUNDUP. News are centered in latest events on Palestine. On the one hand, an agreement for national re-unification; on the other, US and Israel withdrawal from Unesco. Across the Americas, marches and events commemorating Indigenous resistance have been held in a number of countries, marking the 12 October day. Meanwhile, criticism against Ukrainian authorities over a controversial Education law continues unfolding. Keep reading

Marxa de la Resistència, a Buenos Aires.
News 11.10.2017 a les 12:30h

Spanish government opens door to possible suspension of Catalan autonomy

The Spanish government has agreed to require a clarification from Catalan president Carles Puigdemont on whether he declared independence in yesterday’s plenary session of the Catalan Parliament. Spanish president Mariano Rajoy has said this is a “previous requirement” to any measure his government could adopt in accordance with Article 155 of the Constitution, which allows the Spanish government to directly run Catalonia’s affairs from Madrid, which could amount to a de facto suspension of Catalan autonomy. Keep reading

Rajoy, reunit amb el seu govern aquest matí.
News 11.10.2017 a les 07:00h

Independence delayed

All 72 pro-independence MPs that hold the absolute majority in the Catalan Parliament signed yesterday 10 October a declaration of independence that the Catalan government considers to be "suspended" until options for dialogue and mediation between Barcelona and the Spanish government can be alive. Keep reading

Carles Puigdemont.
Roundup 30 September to 5 October

Southern Cameroons repression / Jalal Talabani dies / Mediation offers in Catalonia-Spain conflict

WEEKLY ROUNDUP. At least 17 people have died in Southern Cameroons October 1 after violence from Cameroonian police and armed forces, which continue to repress the South Cameroonian independence movement. As a result of another repressive intervention —Spain’s against the Catalan referendum, luckily with no dead people— offers for international mediation in the Catalonia-Spain conflict are emerging. In Asturias, the pro-Asturian movement sees official status for the language a little closer. Meanwhile, South Kurdistan mourns historic leader Jalal Talabani. Keep reading

Jalal Talabani.
News 5.10.2017 a les 13:45h

‘Deer Woman: An Anthology’ sheds light on violence against Native women in North America

Native women across North America are disproportionately vulnerable to violence. According to the US-based Indian Law Resource Center, “One in three Native women will be raped in their lifetime, and three in five will be physically assaulted. Native women are more than twice as likely to be stalked than other women and, even worse, Native women are being murdered at a rate ten times the national average.” Keep reading

Il·lustració de “Deer Woman: An Anthology”.
News 2.10.2017 a les 10:45h

Catalan president suggests Parliament should issue independence declaration, demands international mediation

According to provisional official data released by the Catalan government, yes to independence won yesterday’s vote with 2,020,114 ballots for (90%), 176,566 against (7.8%), 45,586 blank votes (2%) and 20,129 null votes (0,89%). Turnout reached 42.6% of the census, but the government said 770.000 people could not vote as their polling stations had been closed by the police, or their votes could not be counted because police officers seized the ballot boxes. Keep reading

Puigdemont parla després del referèndum, acompanyat de tot el seu govern.
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