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Why Bamyan province brings out the best of Afghanistan

The Bamyan province lies at the centre of Hazarajat, one of many territories of which Afghanistan is made up. One of the larger minoritised peoples of Afghanistan, the Hazara —a Farsi-speaking, Shi’a group—, live there. A couple of years ago, Nationalia released —find it here in Catalan— an interview with Carme Roure, in which the state of discrimination and violence faced by the Hazara was analysed. Today, we are having a look onto a rather kinder face of that territory through this Global Voices story. Continua llegint

Les imatges que il·lustren aquest article mostren escenes diverses del Festival Dambura.
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Southern Cameroons, independence and repression: a violent, increasingly serious crisis

The crisis in Southern Cameroons, which has resulted in a violent confrontation between armed pro-independence groups and the Cameroonian forces over the last 9 months, is not giving any sign of moving towards a solution —rather the contrary is true. Since the date of the symbolic declaration of Southern Cameroonian independence of 1 October, at least hundreds have been killed in a conflict that has been dragging on since the 1960s and has a lot to see with the centralization of power at the hands of the Cameroonian state. Continua llegint

Roundup 4 to 10 May

A re-emergence scenario for Malaysia’s Sarawak and Sabah / Official status for Taiwanese language

WEEKLY ROUNDUP. This week we are looking at the scenario that has been opened for the possible re-emergence of two countries —Sarawak and Sabah— that could have been independent 60 years ago but that were ultimately subsumed in an increasingly unitary Malaysia. The recent election in the Asian country could in principle lead to a greater recognition and self-government for both territories, where pro-sovereignty movements exist. On the other hand, we are also talking about the path that is being taken in Taiwan to grant official status to the Taiwanese language, spoken by most of the population there. Continua llegint

Acte de l'oposició a Kuching, capital de Sarawak.
Roundup 27 April to 3 May

Kurdish protest challenges Iranian government / ETA dissolution / Prospects for enlarged autonomy in Sarawak

WEEKLY ROUNDUP. At least tens of thousands have now been on strike for three weeks in Iran’s East Kurdistan cities. Strikers are protesting against restrictions imposed by the Iranian government on border trade with neighbouring Kurdish autonomous region of Iraq, which is vital to the local economy. Also in the Middle East, we talk about preparations for an Arab-Israeli list for the upcoming municipal election in Jerusalem. The Roundup is also focusing on the announcement of the dissolution of Basque armed group ETA and prospects for greater autonomy for Borneo’s Sarawak, after the Malaysian legislative election. Continua llegint

Botigues tancades a Bane.
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Relay race to bolster Breton language turns 10

A relay race that hopes to raise more than 100,000 euros to help boost Breton language use is starting in Quimper 4 May. Ar Redadeg (The Race, in Breton) will be covering some 1,800 km throughout Brittany, coinciding with the 10th anniversary of its inception. But not everything is about running, as Ar Redadeg will be featuring side events —concerts, exhibitions, talks, games to name a few— until 12 May, when the race is set to end in Plouguerneau. Continua llegint

L'edició 2016 d'Ar Redadeg.
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How a university and a tribe are teaming up to revive a lost language

This is a story about a North American Native people, the Miami, which (almost) lost its language. Which, out of individual and collective efforts, is trying to revive it through an incipient work in which, for the first time in decades, some children are being raised in Myaamia and some adult Miami are learning essential notions of the language. It is as well a story of racism and inequality, oppression and dispossession, but also of struggle and solidarity to break down barriers at university. We are republishing this article by Mary Annette Pember on Yes! Magazine. Continua llegint

James Oris (esquerra) i el cap miami Douglas Lankford el març de 2018. Lankford duu una estola amb treball tradicional de cinta miami, creat per Karen Baldwin.
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