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Grassroots movements hope official status for Asturian approved soon, better future for language brought about

After four decades of demanding it, the Asturian language movement says official status is now closer than ever. Indeed, the Statute of Autonomy of Asturias is currently undergoing an amendment process that may lead to such a recognition —which, only 10 years ago, seemed unlikely. Last weekend’s demonstration in Oviedo, with tens of thousands demanding official status for Asturian, is proof of the popular support for the demand. But how sure is it that this has been the last demonstration for official status, as organising grassroots movement Xunta pola Defensa de la Llingua Asturiana claims? Which parties support it? What reactions —including virulent ones— is this provoking among opponents? We speak to Xunta spokesperson Xosé Candel and Inaciu Galán, spokesperson for another civil society group, Iniciativa pol Asturianu. Keep reading

La manifestació del 16 d'octubre de 2021.
News 27.9.2021 a les 12:00h

West Papua conflict escalates

The detention conditions of a pro-independence activist who risks dying in prison are the tip of the iceberg of a recent escalation in West Papua’s conflict. Papuans are protesting the undermining of a devolution package that they already considered to be insufficient, Indonesian forces continue to suppress demonstrations —with racist abuse making the picture even worse—, while clashes pitting the army against an armed pro-independence organisation have claimed the lives of several fighters. Keep reading

Una manifestació independentista papú.
News 13.9.2021 a les 12:30h

Transnistria: last Soviet stronghold lives on as Russian satellite in non-recognition limbo

The Moldovan Republic of Pridnestrovie, also known as Transnistria, is the epitome of the unrecognised state. It has almost everything that is expected of a state: a controlled territory, defined borders, a stable population, its own passport, currency... But it lacks legitimisation from other states. Currently it is only recognised as such by Artsakh —internationally recognised as part of Azerbaijan, but inhabited and controlled by Armenians—, South Ossetia, and Abkhazia —both recognised as part of Georgia. All three are in a similar situation and are part of the Community for Democracy and Rights of Nations. In the centre of Transnistrian capital Tiraspol, all these flags can be seen flying over the De Wollant Park. Keep reading

Estàtua de Lenin davant del Parlament de Transnístria.
News 16.7.2021 a les 12:45h

Biafra: the independence movement once again calling Nigeria’s unity into question

The arrest of a Biafran independence leader in June has sparked protests against the Nigerian government, both within the country and among the Biafran diaspora, and has put the question of Nigeria’s unity —contested since the country’s birth— back on the table. The arrest comes amidst the recent deterioration of the situation in Biafra and, more generally, amidst a situation of serious structural violence in Nigeria. Keep reading

News 28.6.2021 a les 13:15h

Corsican voters lend overwhelming support to parties demanding autonomy status

Corsican voters yesterday gave massive support to parties calling in the short term for a statute of autonomy with legislative powers for the Mediterranean island and for co-official status for the Corsican language. Three Corsican nationalist lists obtained 68% of the votes in the second round of the Corsican Assembly election, thus getting their best combined result of all times. Gilles Simeoni will be re-elected president. Keep reading

Gilles Simeoni, en un míting electoral.
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