Roundup 13 to 19 January 2017

Scotland distances itself from Brexit, Veneto seeks further autonomy, Cameroon cracks down on independence groups

WEEKLY ROUNDUP. UK Prime Minister Theresa May's announcement that leaving the EU will also mean exiting the single market prompted Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon to say that a second referendum on independence is "undoubtedly" closer now. The Scottish Government insists that an alternative to independence exists if UK strikes an agreement with the EU by which Scotland remains inside the single market although the rest of the UK leaves it. Scottish Government's minister for UK Negotiations on Scotland’s Place in Europe Michael Russell warned the UK Government that "time is running out" to try to keep Scotland within the single market. The Scottish Parliament passed a motion in favour of the bid to keep Scotland in the single market. Keep reading

Nicola Sturgeon.
News 18.1.2017 a les 13:00h

By blood and fire: mining and militarization in the Ecuadorian Amazon

Before dawn on the Dec. 21, 2016, dozens of police raided the headquarters of the Shuar Federation (FISCH) in the Ecuadorian Amazon and arbitrarily detained its president, Agustin Wachapá. The indigenous leader was thrown to the ground and repeatedly stamped on and ridiculed beneath the boots of police in front of his wife. The police then razed the Shuar Federation’s office—turning over furniture and carrying away computers. According to the indigenous leader's wife, her husband was taken away without any kind of explanation. An arrest warrant for Wachapá was never presented. Keep reading

News 10.1.2017 a les 09:30h

2017 calendar of elections around the world

As usual every year, Nationalia lists its choice of some of the most important elections and referendums scheduled in 2017 in the world —also including a handful of them with unclear prospects. A very brief explanation on each of the scheduled votes for both independent countries and stateless nations is included. Keep reading

News 9.1.2017 a les 09:30h

Nationalia turns 10: it's time for a renewed direction

10 years ago —in a decade of great emergency of online news sites— CIEMEN thought of establishing a news outlet specializing in stateless nations and peoples, which often go underreported. The new site, Nationalia, came to supplement another journal that CIEMEN had been releasing since the 1980s, the quarterly magazine Europa de les Nacions (Europe of the Nations). In-depth issues were covered by the printed magazine; shorter, everyday news were the matter for Nationalia. Keep reading

News 27.12.2016 a les 10:45h

Ten 2016 in-depth stories to (re)read at Christmas time

During the winter break it can be easier to find some time to dive into somewhat longer articles than during the rest of the year. If this is the take, seize the opportunity to read (or read again) a handful of stories that Nationalia has been releasing over the last few months of 2016 —most of them available in English, and a handful only in Catalan. Good reading, Happy Christmas, and Happy New Year! Keep reading

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