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Meet the tireless elderly women from Tepoztlán fighting to save the environment

The so-called “Batalla de las Cacerolas” (Battle of the Saucepans) is a documentary which tells of the women of Tepoztlán, a village located in the central-southern region of Mexico, who have campaigned throughout history against the megaprojects that continually prey on their communities. The audivisual work starts with a demonstration led by various women from the region —now elderly— whose main weapon was the sound of protest of their saucepans. Keep reading

Karitina Ortiz, una de les protagonistes del documental.
Roundup 10 to 16 February

Tamil families confront Sri Lanka army, Trump edges away from two-state solution, Slovenian criticism to Austria

WEEKLY ROUNDUP. In an unusual appearance in headlines, the Slovenian minority in Austria is making its voice heard as it perceives itself being marginalized in the draft Constitution of the state of Carinthia. Way worse than that since years, some 80 Tamil families are holding a protest against the Sri Lankan army, from which they demand the return of their lands, which the military has been occupying since 2009. The week has also been full of referendum-related news in places as diverse as the Faroe Islands, Catalonia, Scotland or Nagorno-Karabakh. Details follow. Keep reading

Un grup de dones protesten a Keppapulavu (Mullaitivu).
Roundup 3 to 9 February

“Devastating cruelty” in Rohingya persecution, occupation in West Bank, Moldovan flag controversy

WEEKLY ROUNDUP. Our focus goes this week to the desperate situation underwent by the Rohingya people in northern Burma, where two different reports released the last few days describe massive, gross human rights violations at the hands of the military. Besides, among other issues, we are also listing some of the latest developments of Israeli occupation in the West Bank and the controversy in Moldova over president Dodon's proposal to change the country's flag, a very sensitive issue in the dispute between pro-Western and pro-Russian sectors in the former Soviet republic. Keep reading

Noia rohingya davant d'un policia.
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Former Catalan president, ministers who led 2014 vote on independence stand trial: a backgrounder

Tens of thousands poured into the streets of Barcelona today as a trial against former Catalan president Artur Mas and former ministers Joana Ortega and Irene Rigau over the holding of a non-binding vote on independence from Spain opened today at the High Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC, a judicial instance which is part of the structure of Spain's judiciary). The pro-independence movement believes the trial goes "against democracy" and tries to block Catalan aspirations to full sovereignty. A backgrounder. Keep reading

Roundup 27 January to 2 February

Kurds reject “cultural autonomy” in Syria, Donetsk flares up, UK government says “no” to post-Brexit Scottish referendum

WEEKLY ROUNDUP. In the context of Russia's recent diplomacy moves in Syria, reports have emerged that Moscow has proposed to grant Kurdistan a semi-autonomous status in a draft new Constitution for Syria. Russian government-linked Sputnik News leaked parts of the text, which talks of "Kurdish cultural self-ruling systems." Main Syrian Kurdish party, PKK-linked PYD rejected the cultural autonomy proposal because, it argues, the Kurdish movement seeks federalism instead, a PYD representative explained after a meeting in Moscow with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on 27 January. Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova denied that Russia had made such a proposal, and added that in any case the choice is up to "the Syrian people." In a similar vein, the Bashar al-Assad government maintains its anti-federalism and anti-autonomy stance. Keep reading

Theresa May.
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Catalonia gears up for independence referendum, unanswered questions remain

After both pro-independence parties in the Catalan Parliament —big-tent alliance Together for Yes and democratic socialist CUP— last week agreed to approve the 2017 budget law, the government of Catalonia is confirming that a referendum on the country's independence from Spain will be held in September at the latest. The Catalan government is even hinting at the possibility that the vote is brought forward to June or July, if "circumstances" advise it. Keep reading

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