Roundup 17 to 23 March

Farewell to Martin McGuinness / Popular referendums on Basque sovereignty / Protests in Macedonia

WEEKLY ROUNDUP. Martin McGuinness, one of the most prominent figures of Irish Republicanism, has been laid to rest after he died this week, aged 66. McGuinness was a key figure in Northern Ireland’s road to peace. Peace is also advancing in the Basque Country, as ETA announced it will be fully disarming itself, but is going backwards in Kurdistan, where Newroz has been marked under the sign of violence. Meanwhile, Macedonia is living weeks of political and social tension, in which the role of the Albanian language has much to do. Keep reading

Funeral de Martin McGuinness, a Derry.
News 22.3.2017 a les 14:15h

“Essential” step towards independence vote cleared as Catalan Parliament approves 2017 budget

The pro-independence majority in the 135-seat Catalan Parliament today passed a 2017 budget that allocates money to hold a vote on secession from Spain. Main Catalan pro-independence alliance JxSí (62 seats) deemed the approval of the budget as an “essential” step towards the referendum. Pro-independence, left-wing party CUP (10 seats) urged the Catalan government to set “the date and wording” of the referendum. Opposition parties, on the other hand, argue the 2017 budget is “illegal”, and warned they would be challenging them in court. Keep reading

Carles Puigdemont.
Roundup 10 to 16 March

Former Catalan president barred from office / Dutch anti-Islam party advances / Taiwan fears China’s military buildup

WEEKLY ROUNDUP. International media attention has been focused this week on the Dutch legislative election. As expected by surveys, right-wing, anti-Islam PVV party has grown, but PM Mark Rutte’s liberals have managed to preserve their place as the largest party by a comfortable margin. In Catalonia, former president Artur Mas has been barred from office for two years for having organized a non-binding independence vote in 2014. In Taiwan, a government report warns of a growing Chinese military buildup. Keep reading

Mark Rutte (liberal), guanyador de les eleccions neerlandeses.
Roundup 3 to 9 March

Youths arrested in Corsica / Amazigh activist in hunger strike / Agreement on Sardinian language on TV, radio

WEEKLY ROUNDUP. We are paying attention this time to recent events in two Mediterranean islands: Corsica one the hand, where a wave of arrests of pro-independence young activists has taken place, and Sardinia on the other, where a new agreement will allow the broadcasting of Sardinian programs on the public radio and TV. We are also reporting on the extreme situation that an Amazigh activist has reached in Algeria, and on a prison sentence against a Kurdish artist. Keep reading

Signatura de l'acord entre el govern sard i la RAI.
Roundup February 24 to March 2

Northern Ireland elects Assembly / Honduras blamed over “ineffective inquiry” of murder of Indigenous leader

WEEKLY ROUNDUP. In an early election on March 2, Northern Ireland elected its 90-member legislative Assembly. It is likely that the DUP and Sinn Féin will be tasked with reaching a government deal. The first anniversary of the murder of Honduran Indigenous leader Berta Cáceres was marked this week, with several organizations making serious allegations against the country's authorities. Meanwhile, a Polynesian independence leader wants to turn the upcoming French presidential election into a de facto referendum on the sovereignty of Polynesia. Keep reading

Concentració en memòria de Cáceres, l'abril de 2016.
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