Roundup 14 to 20 July

Rif protest suppressed / New pro-autonomy party in Silesia / Four Hong Kong lawmakers ousted

WEEKLY ROUNDUP. Clashes between police and protesters took place 20 July in Al Hoceima, the Riffian city that is leading the protest movement against the marginalization of this Amazigh territory by the Moroccan authorities. Demonstrations were also held in Silesia, where the pro-autonomy movement has been demanding self-government for 11 years and is preparing the establishment of a new political party. Meanwhile, in Hong Kong, four lawmakers have been ousted from the Legislative Council, a move that the pro-democracy camp regards as a new attack against freedom in the semi-autonomous city. Keep reading

La marxa autonomista de 2017, a Katowice.
Roundup 7 to 13 July

Morocco and Western Sahara’s sea / Data on knowledge and use of Basque / Leyla Zana acquitted

 WEEKLY ROUNDUP. The Moroccan government has announced the incorporation of the territorial waters of Western Sahara as a part of the Moroccan sea, a principle that goes against the former Spanish colony’s status as a non-decolonized territory. The announcement has raised controversy, as controversial is also the situation of two Mozabite Amazigh activists that have been arrested in Melilla. In the same week, Kurdish MP Leyla Zana has been acquitted of three terrorism charges, and new data have been released regarding knowledge and use of the Basque language. Keep reading

Vaixell abandonat a la costa del Sàhara Occidental.
Roundup 30 June to 6 July

Gorkhaland protesters demand own state / Ogoni women sue Shell / Catalonia’s independence referendum bill

WEEKLY ROUNDUP. It is for three weeks now that protests and violent clashes are ongoing in Gorkhaland, a territory in India where demands for an own state are being voices. The conflict is decades-long, just as those in the Niger Delta and Cyprus are. As regards the former, four Ogoni women are suing Shell over repression and killings after 1995 protests. As regards the latter, a new round of negotiations have failed to bring a final deal to reunify the island along federal lines. Meanwhile, the Catalan government has unveiled the 1 October independence referendum bill. Keep reading

Un cartell demana l'estat propi per a Gorkhalàndia.
Roundup 23 to 29 June

Repression escalates in Rif / No “less Jacobin France” group in National Assembly / Kanak languages on TV news

WEEKLY ROUNDUP. Rif has suffered the worst episodes of violence so far since protests against marginalization by the Moroccan authorities started, some months ago, in this Amazigh-majority territory. Dozens have been left wounded, and the crisis is hitting the government. We are also reporting on advances in language issues —in New Caledonia and Sardinia— and we are also echoing the so far unsuccessful attempt to create a French National Assembly parliamentary group for “a less Jacobin France.” Keep reading

L'edifici de l'Assemblea Nacional francesa.
Roundup 16 to 22 June

“I am Chinese” in Hong Kong kindergartens / Aland on course for enlarged autonomy / Gaza electricity cuts

WEEKLY ROUNDUP. Making sure that Hong Kong children have a clear idea of their Chinese identity from kindergarten is one of the stated goals of the government the semi-autonomous territory for the next term, soon-to-be chief executive Carrie Lam has said. Another self-governing entity, the Aland islands, are on course for enlarged autonomy within the next years, even if the archipelago’s pro-independence party says a parliamentary proposal falls well short of expectations. Meanwhile, Gazans are trapped in the midst of a multisided power struggle that, this week, has seen the Strip suffering further electricity cuts. Keep reading

Banderes de Hong Kong i la Xina.
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