Roundup 12 to 18 May

Rif's massive protest against marginalization / Basque language schools' holiday / Catalan referendum's “last” offer

WEEKLY ROUNDUP. A massive protest has been held in Morocco's Rif, where a popular movement enjoying wide support is challenging the Moroccan authorities since more than half a year. Rif protesters denounce their territory's marginalization, and demand better socioeconomic conditions. The same week, popular gatherings under the sign of linguistic rights have taken place in Galicia and in the Northern Basque Country —where demands for an official status for Basque have yet once more been heard. At the same time, the Catalan government is getting ready to voice a  “last” offer to the Spanish authorities for an agreed referendum on independence. Keep reading

"Sou un govern o una banda?", resa una pancarta durant la protesta d'Al Hoceima de 18 de maig, amb l'efígie del líder rifeny Abd el-Krim. Darrere, banderes amazigues i del Rif.
Opinion 16.5.2017 a les 06:45h

West Papua: Morning Star rising

After 54 years of struggle under Indonesian rule, is freedom finally in sight for West Papua? Analysis by Danny Chivers (New Internationalist) and opinions by West Papuan activists Ribka Kenelak and Rode Wanimbo. Keep reading

Dones papús es pinten la cara amb la bandera de l'Estel de l'Alba abans d'una concentració a favor de la llibertat a Jayapura, 19 de desembre de 2016
Roundup 4 to 11 May

Israel on the way to downgrade Arabic status / Basque sovereignty unofficial votes / Kosovo election

WEEKLY ROUNDUP. The controversial Nation-state bill is making its way in Israel. As it is written now, the bill will mean that Arabic will no longer be considered an official language. This is one of the highlights in a week with electoral flavour, either because Kosovo is heading for a snap election after its government has fallen, or because votes for the assemblies of Schleswig-Holstein and Cornwall have been held. Basques have also gone to the polls, in their case in unofficial referendums on Basque sovereignty organized by civil society group Gure Esku Dago. Keep reading

Votacions a les consultes de Gure Esku Dago.
News 11.5.2017 a les 11:30h

“Tired” Kurdistan to seek “legitimate mandate” to negotiate independence “in peaceful way” with Baghdad

Falah Mustafa Bakir, Head of Department of Foreign Relations of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) —that is, the de facto Foreign minister of Iraq’s Kurdistan Region—, has addressed an audience made up of academics, journalists and policymakers on the issue of “The Middle East geopolitics and Europe’s role: an insight from Iraqi Kurdistan”, in an event organized by Catalan think tank CIDOB. Bakir’s speech has been followed by some questions from the audience. This is a selection of the minister’s most interesting remarks, grouped by topic. One general idea that spans through his whole speech is a continuous call to Europe not to refrain from having a role in the region: “Even if you decide to withdraw from the Middle East, the Middle East will drag you into the region. You cannot change geography.” Keep reading

Falah Mustafa Bakir.
Roundup 28 April to 4 May

Political crisis in Macedonia / Biafra independence leader released / Hamas accepts pre-1967 borders

WEEKLY ROUNDUP. Hamas’s announcement that it is ready to accept, as a basis for negotiations, the establishment of a Palestinian state provisionally made up of just the West Bank and Gaza means a turning point in the Islamist group’s public approach to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. However important this might prove in the future, the move is not this week’s only highlight. We are also approaching a deep political crisis that has been unfolding in Macedonia for weeks, the challenge that the Biafra independence movement poses to Nigeria, or Kalmyk demands for compensations to Russian authorities. Keep reading

Protesta a favor de l'alliberament de Nnamdi Kanu, a Londres, el 2016.
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