News 23.5.2022 a les 12:45h

Landmark march in Belfast in support of Irish speakers’ rights

Thousands of protesters —17,000, according to organisers— demanded on Saturday 21 May in Belfast the passing of legislative measures in favour of the rights of Irish speakers in Northern Ireland. It is one of the largest demonstrations in history for Irish, which, unlike Welsh or Scottish Gaelic, does not have an act of its own seeking to promote it. Keep reading

Imatge de la manifestació a Belfast.
News 7.4.2022 a les 11:00h

Let 2022 be “last year of genocidal government,” Brazil’s Indigenous movement cries out

Thousands of representatives of 176 Indigenous peoples are mobilising this week and next in Brasilia against the government of President Jair Bolsonaro and for their right to land and self-determination. A demonstration took place on 6 April in the streets of the Brazilian capital during the Free Land Camp (Acampamento Terra Livre, ATL) meeting, one of the most massive Indigenous mobilisations in the South American country, which has been taking place since 2004. Keep reading

La manifestació de l'APIB aquest 6 d'abril, a Brasília.
News 31.3.2022 a les 13:15h

Abkhazia reaffirms will for independence as South Ossetia revives union with Russia

President of South Ossetia Anatoly Bibilov has revived an old idea of the political elites of the South Caucasian republic, that of joining the Russian Federation. Bibilov announced legal procedures for South Ossetia to become part of Russia will be launched after the upcoming 10 April South Ossetian presidential election. Meanwhile, Abkhazia dissociated itself from that path and insisted it does not want to renounce its independence. Keep reading

Els presidents rus, Vladímir Putin, i sud-osseta, Anatoli Bibílov, el 2017.
News 15.3.2022 a les 15:00h

Frustrated political expectations, social anger feed Corsican unrest

Corsica has been undergoing a historic wave of protests over the last two weeks following the attempted murder of political prisoner Yvan Colonna in a prison in Arles. To find out more about the context that has led to this situation, we have spoken to André Fazi, professor of Political Science at the University of Corsica. Keep reading

La manifestació de Bastia, aquest 13 de març de 2022.
News 10.3.2022 a les 11:15h

Chechen ‘civil war’ unfolds in Ukraine

Anti-Putin Chechen volunteers have formed battalions in support of the Ukrainian army as Putin’s close ally and Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov has sent in men into battle. Chechen nationalists, having been defeated in the Caucasus 20 years ago, now see the conflict as a window of opportunity to fight Russia. Keep reading

Adam Osmàiev, líder d'un dels batallons txetxens que lluiten al bàndol ucraïnès, parla en un vídeo a l'inici de la invasió russa de 2022.
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